Edward Davey: Learning how to feed the planet in response to COVID-19

Mar 26 2020

Edward Davey of the World Resources Institute and the Food and Land Use Coalition speaks briefly with David Oakes.

David Oakes

David Oakes


Edward Davey


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About this episode:

Edward Davey is the Director of Geographic Deep Dives for the World Resources Institute and the Food and Land Use Coalition. Here, David and Ed speak briefly in direct response to the state of the global COVID-19 pandemic and how we might feed the people of the world moving forward. Ed and David discuss the agricultural concerns both in Britain and abroad, how the environment and economy are interlinked and how now is a time for compassion and careful consideration.

David's thoughts:

As many of you may be aware by now I try not to speak about climate change too often on this podcast. Quite simply – it’s a huge topic; one of utmost concern, one that can (and perhaps should) consume any conversation, and subsequently one that I try to open up to TAC listeners in bitesized chunks. The “Climate Crisis” can alienate people through over-familiarity, and it can deflect people into apathy through a seeming futility at conquering it. It is something I care very deeply about – one reason why I picked up Ed’s “Given Half a Chance“.

Having read Ed’s book, and with an invitation to speak to a guest live at the London Climate Change Festival, everything seemed set. I was presented with the perfect guest and the perfect setting. I had my opportunity to sit down and to dig deep, really deep, into some of the world’s biggest climate related concerns, and to offer up an episode focusing on one particular aspect of how the Climate Crisis will threaten our planet.

But little did I know that when I first approached Ed to talk on the podcast, that the Climate Crisis would have strong competition for what could be defined as “Mankind’s Greatest Threat”.

We will talk in depth again at another time in the future. But until then, it is well worth hearing his few thoughts about how COVID-19, our planet and our futures are all delicately interlinked at this time.

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