Nardstar – Illuminating Cape Town’s Evolving Streets, One Caracal at a Time

Sep 5 2023

David meets Nadia Fisher, the aritst known as Nardstar*, in her studio in Cape Town

David Oakes

David Oakes


Nadia Fisher


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About this episode:

Nardstar, the creative alias of Nadia Fisher, is a captivating wall-art and mural virtuoso hailing from the vibrant cityscape of Cape Town. Through bold lines and distinctive colour palettes she uses local flora and fauna both as a tribute to her local milieu and a catalyst for thought-provoking social discourse. Her urban landscape becomes a canvas for contemplation: How do we reclaim our city spaces? What boundaries should exist between land and ownership? Can nature’s boundless beauty be a birthright for all, or is it more apt as a mirror to inner potential? Amidst these inquiries, Nardstar ingeniously interweaves the transformative power of street art with nature’s resilience, fostering an empowering essence particularly strongly for women of colour.

David's thoughts:

I’ve struggled greatly to write an accompanying blog post for this episode – in the main part because this episode focuses more upon the social history of South Africa in general and Cape Town in particular, rather than upon the natural world represented in Nadia’s work, and as a white man from outside of South Africa, a tourist, I do not feel comfortable expressing any conclusions – frankly, I do not feel they are needed or helpful.

All I will say is that, without doubt, Nadia’s feminist artworks were a highlight of the two months I spent living in Cape Town. Bright, accessible, fun, and socially progressive – what is not to admire? Long may she continue to brighten and enlighten urban spaces.


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